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Cobra Controls TCP/IP based Access Control Security Software

Cobra Controls TCP/IP based Access Control Security Software

For the ACP series access control system panels.


Cobra Controls offers access control security software based on the .NET infrastructure to manage our 4 door, 2 door, and 1 door TCP/IP ready network access control panels.  Unlimited number of controllers, unlimited number of doors, and more than 60,000 users can be added to the database.  Cobra Controls .NET security software is extremely flexible, easy to configure, and best of all free of charge when purchasing ACP systems. Our Cobra Controls .NET based software is the key to unleashing the ACP series wide range of powerful features while maintaining stability and long term performance.  All Cobra Controls products including the  ACP-T series access control panels come with a 2 year warranty.  We use the industry standard 26-bit Wiegand communication format for all of our  panels and readers making our system completely NON proprietary.


Cobra Controls Software

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Access control security software

Cobra Controls .NET based access control software fills the needs for about 90%-95% of all companies, organizations, military, or government agencies.   Unlimited number of controllers, unlimited number of doors, and more than 60,000 users can be used in our security software. Registered users of the software will have an option to be notified when new training screencasts, videos, and new versions of the software are available to update your software.


Cobra Controls .NET based access control security software works on our 1, 2, and 4 door access panels:

The Cobra Controls ACP-T series door controllers are designed for today’s access control needs within an IT environment. TCP/IP capability is included in all of the ACP-T series controllers. Cobra's controllers use NON PROPRIETARY readers and inputs based on the industry standard 26-bit Wiegand format. With our Cobra .NET based software you can connect an unlimited number of 1, 2, and 4 door controllers to one system. The controllers automatically adjust bandwidth consumption based on demand of the existing network.

Each ACP-T series control panel is capable of expansion of 1 emergency unlock input and 4 outputs fully programmable within the Cobra .NET access control software suite via the optional ACP-1x4 Expander Module. These are in addition to the included request to exit inputs and door status monitor inputs on each of the ACP series control panels - one for each door on the control panel.


Cobra Controls Access Software Overview Cobra Controls ACP Series Quick Start Guide Cobra Controls v6.9.21 .Net Software



Brief list of the Cobra Controls .NET based access control security software features:

  • Intuitive Windows based software. Ideal for new users, experienced users, and installers.
  • IP Addressing: Built in search network feature finds controllers on network. Easy to reassign IP address from the software. No need to visit controller to push buttons or move jumpers.
  • Unlimited departments and sections
  • Unlimited number of control panels and doors on same system
  • Lost card registry with simple reissue feature
  • 255 time zones with start and stop dates. Ideal for time based membership applications such as gyms and clubs.
  • Simple access privilege user interface.
  • Unlimited operators with assignable authority levels. (Operators manage system software)
  • Easily configure *card* plus *pin code* for keypad/proximity combination readers
  • Assign ACP-1x4 emergency input 4 output module relays with adjustable duration or follow event settings. Emergency input unlocks all doors upon signal.
  • Anti-pass back built in and assignable locally within controller.
  • Interlocking for 1,2,3, and even 4 doors made simple. Panel and software handle all the logic necessary to keep area secure and also safe.
  • Multiple card access assignable to require more than one user to enter an area. Also optional multiple card exit can be assigned. (Election areas and cash rooms for example.)
  • First card in to activate unlock time zone is flexible. Can use any single or multiple users to activate to ensure proper personnel on premises to unlocked area.
  • Audit trail customizable by date, department, user, and/or by door. Report layout also flexible. Save as excel spreadsheet, print, or view.
  • Time and attendance built in.
  • Meal reports for facilities wishing to monitor dining areas. Nicely flexible for different needs.
  • Guard tour system built in. Use access control system readers to create and manage a guard tour system. Completely customizable for patrolman, patrol points, patrol routes, and patrol tasks. Creates both a patrol report and a statistical report about the guard tours.

    Features of real time monitoring:

  • The Cobra Controls .NET Access Control Software also offers a powerful real time monitoring and management interface.
  • Watch as the computer scans doors and reacts to real time events.
  • Note: Live connection to controllers not required for doors to operate - needed only for live interaction.
  • Check command performs status and diagnostics on selected doors and their controllers.
  • Setting time synchronizes controllers to the computer for timing.
  • Upload and download from this interface to update both the controller with correct access privileges and to receive latest auditing information.
  • A real-time download option keeps you up to the second with event monitoring.
  • Remote locking and unlocking of any one or all doors is a simple mouse click.
  • You can "lock down" or lock open any one or multiple doors.
  • Momentary unlock a door and then it will go back to normal access state.
  • Reset alarms via mouse.